A Knock In Our Hearts

photo-1451934403379-ffeff84932da.jpgI was wearing a color mint dress and white converse sneakers. I pressed the doorbell and it rang. I was waiting for it that you’ll be the one who’ll open it, not anybody else. You opened the door and when I glanced it was you. For the first time in forever, we have finally met. I’ve finally met you.

You were so surprised for I’ve surprised you with “Happy birthday!” while showing to you my gifts for you. “Are you surprised?” I asked. You replied, “Yeah. Not because you surprised me with gifts, but because you’re here and you’re now for real. I can touch you now.” You hugged me immediately and I felt warm on the inside.

You let me came into your house. You’re the only one living at that house because we were still studying in college though this distance was also a hindrance for us not to see each other but it was also the way that made our friendship stronger.

You opened my presents right away and there was a letter on it. You were teary-eyed because you’ve never thought that someone would write a letter for you. You knew me, I love writing letters and you’re so special to me, you’re worth the time to write a letter for. You looked at the T-shirt that I bought and good thing, it fits on you. I’ve never thought that it would fit on you because I’ve never asked about the size of your shirt.

You opened the other box carefully and it was a cake. “This is too much. You’ve really prepared for this day, for my day,” you said. I smiled and replied, “Of course, I like surprising people.”

“So, aren’t we going out and roam around the city? Aren’t you going to show the beautiful places you’ve told me?” I asked. You got up from your chair and laughed, “I haven’t taken a shower yet.” I giggled, “That’s why you’re so stinky.” “No, I’m not.” “Whatever. Take a shower now. I’ll cook spaghetti for you. I brought the ingredients. Remember that I told you that I’ll cook for you?” You smiled and I knew that it was yes.

While you were taking your shower, I cooked spaghetti for you but I do hope you’ll like it since I used real fresh tomatoes as an alternative to the spaghetti sauce sold in the market. Though I knew you’ll consider it since you knew that I’m a health conscious person.

When you were already finished taking a shower and already put on your birthday clothes, yes, “birthday clothes” because it’s your birthday, the table was already prepared and you ate my spaghetti and you appreciated my effort in cooking food for you. You wished that your family was with us celebrating your mini-birthday party I have for you.

While eating and laughing with you, the doorbell rang. You opened the door and it was your family. Your family was shocked when they saw me and you explained what’s happening. They sat and ate with us. They liked my spaghetti and the efforts exerted just for your big day. They asked me lots of questions about me, about how we’ve known each other, what’s school I’m in, what course I’m taking and lots of questions that made my heart beat faster.

Then, you asked permission from your parents that we’re going out. You were surprised that there were three cars parked in the parking lot. You’ve noticed the other one was your family’s car and you asked me if I knew who was the owner of the other car and I answered that it was mine. “You should be the one who’ll drive around the place since you knew how to drive and besides, it’s my big day,” you told me. “Excuse me, mister, it doesn’t mean that it’s your big day that I’ll be the one who’s driving.” We laughed and we had our own road trip. While looking outside from my window, you held my hand while saying those words that made me happy and warm, “Thanks for making this day so extraordinary. This is the best-est birthday I ever had.”  I swear I felt infinite.

We spent the night driving around the city. We had a small coffee talk at your favorite coffee shop. You told me all the things that made your life here at the city happy. You told me all the things you’ve done when we weren’t talking when I was busy with school stuff that it made you miss me because I was one of the best blessings you ever had. That not talking to me makes you sad because I was your happy pill. And I felt the same way too because you’re my happy pill.

We dropped by to a mall and you bought me clothes since I need them because you didn’t permit me to go home. I knew you’re sick worried about me driving from your place to my home in the middle of the night and I appreciated you for taking good care of me. I slept in your room and you were in my arms and I was in your arms sleeping. I can feel that you’re smiling while sleeping and I felt the same way too.

You woke up early and asked your mother right away what breakfast you should cook for me since you wanted to surprise me. You asked your mom and you told your parents that I’m amazing and you love me so much. Your parents smiled and your sibling even teased you because you’re already in love with me.

You came into your room and I was already awake. “Good morning my princess.” I blushed because no one ever called me princess. You surprised me with breakfast in bed. There were strawberries covered with chocolate syrup, pancakes, bacon and coffee for me. Of course, I shared the food with you.

I knew that we were blessed to have each other every time and we’ve spent years just talking through the phone and the internet, not minding the distance between us because we knew that God will give us the perfect timing and He did.

Note: This was originally posted on my Tumblr blog last May 10, 2014.


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