A Knock In Our Hearts

photo-1451934403379-ffeff84932da.jpgI was wearing a color mint dress and white converse sneakers. I pressed the doorbell and it rang. I was waiting for it that you’ll be the one who’ll open it, not anybody else. You opened the door and when I glanced it was you. For the first time in forever, we have finally met. I’ve finally met you.

You were so surprised for I’ve surprised you with “Happy birthday!” while showing to you my gifts for you. “Are you surprised?” I asked. You replied, “Yeah. Not because you surprised me with gifts, but because you’re here and you’re now for real. I can touch you now.” You hugged me immediately and I felt warm on the inside.

You let me came into your house. You’re the only one living at that house because we were still studying in college though this distance was also a hindrance for us not to see each other but it was also the way that made our friendship stronger.

You opened my presents right away and there was a letter on it. You were teary-eyed because you’ve never thought that someone would write a letter for you. You knew me, I love writing letters and you’re so special to me, you’re worth the time to write a letter for. You looked at the T-shirt that I bought and good thing, it fits on you. I’ve never thought that it would fit on you because I’ve never asked about the size of your shirt.

You opened the other box carefully and it was a cake. “This is too much. You’ve really prepared for this day, for my day,” you said. I smiled and replied, “Of course, I like surprising people.”Read More »


Just A Dream


I stumbled upon a girl’s blog. I read the description located on the sidebar. There was a link on it that she was in a relationship. My curiosity ate me and I clicked on it. One page popped out and I was shocked that it was you. You were in a relationship with that girl.

We kept on talking but you didn’t tell me that you had a girlfriend. We kept on exchanging messages and it took me a long time to discover that you were already in love with someone else.

One night, an event was held at my school. I was fully surprised when you approached me. You told me that you transferred to this school because of me. I wonder what happened between you and your girlfriend. We joined the activities and we had so much fun. It was my first time to see you in person and especially, your smile and your laugh. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I wonder if the reason behind that smile is me. If it’s me, then, I’m truly grateful because seeing your smile melted me.

Days passed by and we spent days together, sometimes you stopped by to the pizza house I always visit to check if I was there. You saw me sitting in a high chair watching TV. You wondered why I watched TV because you knew that I’m not a TV person. I am more of a book person. You came in and we exchanged hello.Read More »